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  • Lack of proper patched player (most likely 3 or eventually 4 review from AnalMux?); replaced player from standard 1.28 wo/ any patch for 8 (better but still not even close as should sounds); I've struggled with this one too long (2 days) but decide to give up - I'm too prone on errors, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong at deassembly work (specify to 'redesign' to stereo mode in the end); after all, it's designed (tell it for myself) to go to 'Extras' folder.
  • randomly I've played on NTSC and it plays better than pal version (so maybe can it stay like this?).
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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AUTHOR "Mario Krix (emkay)"
NAME "Battle Squadron Reloaded (rmt patch 4 test)"
DATE "04/09/2009"
TIME 00:30.805 LOOP
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