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1This file gives all the information needed for those who want to send songs
2to ASMA archive.
4If you want to send me some songs, they should be already converted to SAP
5format and should include all the information needed (author, name, date,
6number of songs). If you're unsure about any information needed, you can
7send me the music as well, maybe we can find the info together. If you don't
8know how to create SAP files, send me the binary file with the INIT and PLAY
9addresses and memory location where the song has to be loaded. See Sap.txt
10for SAP format description.
12File formats accepted
14SAP - (Slight Atari Player) - The format designed for playing 8-bit Atari
15      music on modern computers. All other formats can be converted to SAP.
16CMC - (Chaos Music Composer) - Atari music editor from early 1990s.
17CM3 - (CMC "3/4") - CMC with modified pattern length.
18CMR - (CMC "Rzog") - CMC with modified bass sounds.
19CMS - (Stereo Double CMC) - Stereo CMC.
20DMC - (DoublePlay CMC) - CMC with 6502 routine executed at double rate of the
21      original CMC.
22DLT - (Delta Music Composer) - Atari music editor from 1990s.
23MPT - (Music ProTracker) - Atari music editor from 1990s.
24MPD - (MPT DoublePlay) - MPT with 6502 routine executed at double rate of the
25      original MPT.
26RMT - (Raster Music Tracker) - Modern Atari music editor running on Windows.
27TMC - (Theta Music Composer) - Atari music editor from late 1990s.
28TM8 - Theta Music Composer dual POKEY configuration (stereo).
29TM2 - (Theta Music Composer 2.x) - Modern Atari music editor.
30Benjy Soundmonitor
31AMP - (Antic Music Player)
32AMS - (Antic Music Sound)
34Information needed (or welcome)
36- Author of the song
37- Name of song
38- Date of creation or copyright date
39- Number of subsongs/default subsong
40For SAP files this information should be already included in the header, for
41other fileformats write it into a separate textfile.
43STIL information
45This information is not essential but if you know anything of these, please
46send it together with the song.
47- Name of covered song (plus album)
48- Name of the interpreter (singer, band) or composer
49If the song is a demoparty music compo contribution, send us the name of the
50party (including year) and the final standing of the song (only for songs
51that ended at 1st, 2nd or 3rd place).
52Again you can write all this information into a separate text file.
56  TITLE: Domino Dancing [from Introspective]
57 ARTIST: Pet Shop Boys
60COMMENT: 2nd place at Intel Outside 4 music compo.
62SAP header conventions
64The filenames must not be longer than 26 characters (plus .sap) e.g.:
66 12345678901234567890123456.123
67 - all right
68 - wrong!
70Because of compatibility reasons only characters 'A..Z', 'a..z', and '0..9'
71can be used in the filenames. All spaces must be replaced with underscore
72("_"). The dash ("-") is also allowed but from no reason we don't use it :-)
74All tags in SAP header must be UPPERCASE (e.g. AUTHOR, DATE). The field
75contents must be closed in quotation marks ("). There is one SPACE ( )
76between the tag and the quotation mark.
77Every line in the header must end with EOL ($0d $0a).
78For unknown information use this mark <?>.
79For more information about the SAP header see the file Sap.txt.
83AUTHOR "Marek Badkowski (Bac)"
84NAME "Deafman"
85DATE "<?>"
87INIT 0500
90If possible, send also the original file/game/demo that you ripped the
91song(s) from.
93Thanks for your contributions!
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