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(edit) @1799   12 hours miker Two tunes by Aki, thanks to PG for supplying.
(edit) @1798   2 months miker with missing subsongs (now 7), thanks to Mono.
(edit) @1797   3 months pfusik Play "Self Test" on every POKEY channel.
(edit) @1796   6 months miker is new here and also removed unnecessary …
(edit) @1795   8 months pfusik Rename on VLX's request.
(edit) @1794   8 months pfusik Fix STIL.
(edit) @1793   8 months jac Delete Bugs.txt as the last know bug is fixed and we have a proper …
(edit) @1792   8 months jac Update STIL for Composers/Feske_Nils
(edit) @1791   8 months pfusik Enable STEREO.
(edit) @1790   8 months pfusik Shorten TIME. Manual approximation!
(edit) @1789   9 months jac Update team contact mail to asma-team@…
(edit) @1788   9 months jac Update AUTHOR tags for "Timo Kleemann (kleeder)" and ""Paul C. Lay …
(edit) @1787   9 months pfusik Remove the NAME part appended by the RMT export.
(edit) @1786   9 months pfusik Add FASTPLAY 262 for compatiblity with players that don't understand …
(edit) @1785   9 months pfusik NTSC as requested by the author.
(edit) @1784   9 months pfusik Fix no playback in ASAP. POKEY timer IRQ was triggered before the …
(edit) @1783   9 months pfusik Add a new song emailed by the author.
(edit) @1782   10 months jac Updates composers in SAP files
(edit) @1781   10 months jac Move Vavra_Karel_and_Sedlak_Jiri to groups
(edit) @1780   10 months jac Fix Zur-soft spelling and member names
(edit) @1779   10 months jac Rename rdefabri to DeFabritus_Rich on request of original author
(edit) @1778   13 months pfusik Add Lost Party 2023 entries from RMT modules.
(edit) @1777   13 months pfusik Fresh rip of "Das Omen". The previous one did not play samples except …
(edit) @1776   13 months pfusik Improve TIME.
(edit) @1775   14 months pfusik Fix TIME.
(edit) @1774   14 months pfusik STIL: Update paths.
(edit) @1773   14 months pfusik Fix "httpy" typo.
(edit) @1772   14 months jac Adapt AUTHOR tags and file names for .SAP files
(edit) @1771   14 months jac Use https
(edit) @1770   14 months jac Trim cell contents automatically
(edit) @1769   14 months jac Assign to Matej Hudak
(edit) @1768   14 months jac Add Rychlik_Arkadiusz folder and assign
(edit) @1767   16 months miker Again... some moving & STIL'ing.
(edit) @1766   16 months miker ditto
(edit) @1765   16 months miker Put (back) into author's directory
(edit) @1764   16 months miker Some STIL updates & one missing credit.
(edit) @1763   16 months pfusik Add a file sent by the author.
(edit) @1762   16 months jac Change author to Aki
(edit) @1761   16 months jac Update composers
(edit) @1760   16 months jac Rename Alan Petrik to Aki on request of the composer
(edit) @1759   16 months miker OK, some mysteries have been resolved, including …
(edit) @1758   17 months jac Add 3 TTT song and folder Unte_Vanja
(edit) @1757   17 months jac Add Vanja Unte (Mermaid)
(edit) @1756   17 months pfusik Free $FC00-$FFFD for sapemu and XEX conversions. TYPE C files with a …
(edit) @1755   17 months pfusik Don't load to page $FF. Perhaps this was a workaround for CMC bugs. …
(edit) @1754   17 months pfusik Fix CMC tune reading from uninitialized page $FF. Fixed by …
(edit) @1753   18 months jac Add two new TTT songs by Jaakkola_Juha
(edit) @1752   18 months jac Remove Composers input files
(edit) @1751   18 months jac Update Authors with Unicode names from Fox
(edit) @1750   18 months pfusik Fix CMC tunes reading uninitialized data. Bug in the original CMC player.
(edit) @1749   18 months pfusik Fix title per Samurai's request.
(edit) @1748   18 months pfusik Remove an asapscan dump.
(edit) @1747   18 months pfusik Fix CMC tunes reading from uninitialized page $FF. Continuing with …
(edit) @1746   18 months pfusik Script that fixed CMC tunes in changeset:1745.
(edit) @1745   18 months pfusik Fix CMC tunes reading from uninitialized page $FF. These files …
(edit) @1744   18 months jac Update composers (X-Ray), fix typo in macro
(edit) @1743   18 months pfusik Add Polish letters of composers' names.
(edit) @1742   19 months pfusik Fix random sounds when converted to XEX with ASAP. Caused by a bug in …
(edit) @1741   19 months jac Replace with version that has the correct replay speed
(edit) @1740   21 months jac Add missing composer folders
(edit) @1739   21 months jac Delete moved Grayscale
(edit) @1738   21 months jac Move Sychowicz_Lukasz
(edit) @1737   21 months jac Move Kwiatek_Grzegorz
(edit) @1736   21 months jac Delete moved Grayscale files
(edit) @1735   21 months jac Delete moved Top_Odin
(edit) @1734   21 months jac Delete moved Grayscale/Wasiel_Bartek
(edit) @1733   21 months jac Move Zur_soft to Groups
(edit) @1732   21 months jac Add Wasiel_Bartek, moved from Grayscale
(edit) @1731   21 months jac Move Simon_Scott_and_Ship_Howard to Groups
(edit) @1730   21 months jac Rename Ebner_Christoph_von_Eschen
(edit) @1729   21 months jac Move Cieslewicz_Tomasz_and_Dombek_K to groups
(edit) @1728   21 months jac Rename Chichakly_R_M
(edit) @1727   21 months jac Rename Brooke_Jason
(edit) @1726   21 months jac Add Groups folder
(edit) @1725   21 months jac Rename Composers.ods to ASMA-Authors.ods and add group support
(edit) @1724   21 months jac Rename Claas_Clever to Oehler_Claas
(edit) @1723   21 months jac Rename MotionRide? to Jankowski_Piotr
(edit) @1722   21 months jac Rename kleeder to Kleemann_Timo
(edit) @1721   21 months jac Add
(edit) @1720   21 months jac Update title of
(edit) @1719   22 months jac Fix invalid dates for Bobby Clark and Rebb
(edit) @1718   22 months jac Split FullNameUnicode? into FirstNameUnicode/LastNameUnicode?
(edit) @1717   22 months jac Merge TIEM for
(edit) @1716   22 months jac Rename composer folder "Lusth_John" to "Lusth_John_W" for consistency
(edit) @1715   22 months jac Rename composer folder "Poorten_Ivo" to "Porten_Ivo_van"
(edit) @1714   22 months jac Add new TIATracker tunes by Bryan Ness (Tobikomi)
(edit) @1713   22 months jac Add Bernard_Jeremie
(edit) @1712   22 months jac Add Composers.ods LibreOffice? Calc and auto-generated Composers.json
(edit) @1711   22 months jac Move Composers to LibreOffice? ODS file with full names, DemoZooID and …
(edit) @1710   22 months jac Asma.txt reformatted 40 characters per line, so it is correctly …
(edit) @1709   22 months pfusik Update statistics. perl -s /path/to/asma >asma-stats.txt …
(edit) @1708   22 months pfusik Add missing TIME tags.
(edit) @1707   22 months pfusik Tidy up SAP tags.
(edit) @1706   22 months pfusik STIL: remove a trailing space.
(edit) @1705   22 months pfusik STIL: update a renamed file.
(edit) @1704   22 months pfusik Update script for the removed new.m3u
(edit) @1703   22 months jac Update Contribute.txt
(edit) @1702   22 months jac Update Asma.txt
(edit) @1701   22 months jac Remove Sap.txt after alignment with 0xf, will be on ASAP site only
(edit) @1700   22 months jac Change Mike Potter songs from 198x to NTSC
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