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#4 SAP preview plugin assigned jhusak improvement minor Toolset
#6 docelowe kodowanie w sapach UTF-8 new somebody improvement minor Basic principles and rules
#18 Nowe pola w SAP new somebody task minor Basic principles and rules
#20 Bad Luberda_Michal/ ? new somebody defect minor
#2 Zmiany SAPów w Trac new somebody improvement important Toolset
#5 Format logu - podawany przy commit new somebody improvement important Basic principles and rules
#12 wyszukiwarka po różnych polach SAPA, po wielkości, itp. new somebody task important Toolset
#14 Narzędzia do tworzenia changelogów i innych plików txt z repo. new somebody defect important Toolset
#17 TortoiseSVN - Trac integration assigned pfusik improvement important Toolset
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