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The raw changelog.

For given version range prepares a summary for every version increment. Every summary point consists of:

  • altered file list
  • the comment.

Although, the comment is not taken from svn log :) The comment is based on diffs of the latter and the former version.

Diff on sap file - possible entries:

  • the line has been added: -> ADDED <line>
  • the line has been removed ->REMOVED <line>
  • the line has been changed -> CHANGED <line>
  • the binary has been changed -> CHANGED BINARY

There is an issue when line order has chaged, but this may be managed on other level.

The tool does not exist yet

The STIL.txt-like file

For every SAP file in a given range of version numbers (usualy the whole range), the

  • sap file name
  • comment field
  • eventually other fields

are taken to the summary.

The COMMENT field value should not be limited to let's say 256 chars. The reasonable limit should be IMO about 16 kB or so. Cannot have FF FF sequence.

The tool does not exist yet

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