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Title standards

  1. These words:

A, An, And, As, By, From, For, In, Of, On, Or, The, To

in filenames and NAME tags should be lowercase.

Example: correct to ->, also in NAME.

Exception: filename beginning with such a word.

  1. "Don't Worry Be Happy" -> filename:

"I'm" => "Im" in filename.

Author standards

  1. pfusik: "Jan & David Spilka" -> "Jan Spilka & David Spilka" ?

Normally AUTHOR is shown to the user without further processing. One exception is Windows Explorer plugins which splits authors on " & ", so it will show two authors: "Jan" and "David Spilka".

  1. pfusik: avoid diminutives? Johnny -> John, Maciek Szczesniak -> Maciej Szcześniak, Slawek Sledz -> Sławomir Śledź ?

Date standards

  1. pfusik: DD/MM/YYYY (preferred), DD-DD/MM/YYYY, MM/YYYY, MM-MM/YYYY, YYYY, YYYY-YYYY, possible to replace last digits with question marks