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Proposed structure of SVN

  • trunk/asma - archive as the users see it and we edit it
  • trunk/incoming - new unsorted tunes, after reviewing they play fine and are not obvious duplicates they are moved to asma (possibly asma/Unsorted) - only use if you're in hurry and want someone else or later to review the files, otherwise put the files directly in asma; will also be used in the future by drop-sap web form, that checks against duplicates (only by saying "It's a duplicate") and makes some log for description what has been done with this sap.
  • trunk/www - ASMA website source code
  • maybe: trunk/tools - automatization tools, Trac customizations (plugins, etc), other useful tools not being part of
  • tags/asma-1.0, ... - ASMA releases (as SAP files and not ZIPs), maybe betas too (pfusik: betas not needed if we all use SVN)
  • jhusak: zips/asma-1.0, ... - for those about to rock (those who want download whole archives without any tools needed) pfusik: why store that in SVN ? you won't get diffs or anything better than storing these zips at the website jhusak:: to be transparent and have "everything in one place". Download mechanisms would take care of logging the peoples' downoads either of the regular asma or zips. (does not get hungry :))