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This page contains planned and recent changes of the website It is mainly maintained by JAC! for own bookkeeping. The sources for the website are on since 2023-01-10.



  • Define how TTT can be integrated
  • Define how new RMT's can be integrated (RMT134) in a way the preserves the RMT itself , not just the LZSS stream)
  • Audacious: I see that the project is actively developed with a huge number of contributors. So maybe it would be an idea to move the plugin to their side? ASAP is probably a rather stable and small iterface for them. What do you think?

-Managed to install Perl und run the check:

C:\jac\system\Windows\Tools\PER\Perl>perl C:\jac\system\Atari800\Tools\SND\ASAP\ --check C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma Files processed: 6219 Bad files that can be fixed automatically: 0 Bad files that cannot be fixed automatically: 4

Automatic fix not possible: C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma/Composers/Grayscale/Sychowicz_Lukasz/ (illegal characters in filename) C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma/Composers/Lanfranchi_Michael/ (illegal characters in filename) C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma/Composers/Lanfranchi_Michael/Gauntlet_III_(C64) (illegal characters in filename) C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma/Composers/Makary_Brauner/ (illegal characters in filename)

TBC: What are legal characters? ERROR: No composer for path "Composers/Brooke_Jason" 4composer.js:200 ERROR: No composer for path "Composers/Checa_Funcke_Marco_Antonio" 3composer.js:200 ERROR: No composer for path "Composers/Chichakly_R_M" 8composer.js:200 ERROR: No composer for path "Composers/Cieslewicz_Tomasz_and_Dombek_K"

Can fix automatically after correcting previous errors: C:\jac\system\Atari800\Sounds\ASMA\SVN\trunk\asma/Composers/Lanfranchi_Michael/Gauntlet_III_(C64) (FFFF inside binary part)

TBC: Why is that an issue? Having $FFFF in inner XEX segments is (waste of space, but) valid Done:

  • Numeric fields/counts are now left-aligned
  • Composers tab uses simplfied columns, unless "Show Details" is active
  • Date formats are checked during initialization and invalid dates are reported on the browser console
  • Display "(Unverified)" for authors found in files, but not found in the "Composers.ods" database
  • Since the admin of asma@… is not responding, I suggest abandoning it and creating a fresh one at