Directories by nicknames

Voting for: ramos


  • Many musicians are easier recognized by their nicknames than real names.
  • That's the way it is in HVSC.

Directories by real names

Voting for: pfusik, jhusak, slaves, pg


  • Musicians change their nicknames (Samurai vs Tatqoo).
  • Directories aren't key part of the archive. SAPs may be stored in a database or on a playlist with no notion of directories.
  • That's the way it is now, nothing to do.
  • It will be easier to merge with PG's archive.
  • If needed, we can generate a by-nickname archive with a tool that looks into AUTHOR tags. No need to do it manually.

Summary by jhusak

First arguments are equally strong. Second option wins 4:1, especially the third argument :), but argument 4 is most important to me.

Suggestion by Ramos

How about asking on a forum what others think about it and how they find easier to browse the archive, at last we do it for them.

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